Narratives about design communicate more than any color, hue, texture, furniture element, style or theme. Design stories are stories about people – the users of a space, or the designer of the space, or some combination of both.

The Nature of Color is that story. A storybook illustrating how a unique view of color can help anyone discover their own narrative.

Not just another color book but a re-examination of color through the eyes of Mother Nature in an additive light system, it examines our need to tell a personal design story that connects us with the essence of the natural environment.

The principles in this book can be applied to the design of a residential or office space, a building, a painting, or craft or by anyone striving to humanize our spaces, enrich our lives or feed our souls by reconnecting to the essenced of nature in a meaningful way.

Narrative Environments

The Design of Every Building, Space or Facade Begins With A Story

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The Nature of Color