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Not just another Color Book, this beautifully illustrated work celebrates our innate connection to the natural world where color combines with light, movement and balance to produce a perfect luminosity.

What inspires us to design?  Can we capture the “essence” of what we are trying to achieve in our space? Can designing with Nature’s essence improve our overall health and well-being while fulfilling our innate desire to be connected to the natural environment in a meaningful way?

Coloring an environment is not just the selection of a paint chip, it is the unfolding of a Story, Nature’s Story.

Organized into four parts “The Nature of Color” begins with the “Story” of observation and discovery of Nature’s luminosity or use of color, light, movement and balance.  Parts Two and Three analyze  Nature’s methods and explain techniques for applying that luminosity to our interiors using  a system of 8 color wheels based on Benjamin Moore & Co. paints*.  In Part Four, sixteen 3D computer models demonstrate the use of the color system combined with daylighting and artificial lighting. Each model tells its own story based on inspiration from a natural environment

The principles in this book can be applied to the design of a residential or office space, a building, a painting or craft or by anyone striving to humanize our spaces, enrich our lives or feed our souls by reconnecting to the essence of Nature in a meaningful way.

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“Architects and designers have struggled for centuries to master color and light.
Few have achieved regular success. Color is hard.”

~ Douglas Noble, FAIA, PhD and Karen M. Kensek, LEED AP 9BD+C], Associate AIA

“Gloria Jaroff speaks and we learn to listen—to trees, to water, to the wind and the sky. The Nature of Color
connects nature to interior design as never before, not as algorithms for sustainability, but as inspiration and
for direction. Her book is a bold new way to understand how we see and what we see as interior architecture.”

~ Richard Buday, FAIA

“Many books explore color in the built environment, but there should be more—many more.
Color is hard and making color decisions risky. 
Color theories abound, but theory is an abstraction. Perhaps there’s an easier way.
Perhaps, as Jaroff points out in the following pages, the solution is all around us.”

~ Douglas Noble, FAIA, PhD and Karen M. Kensek, LEED AP 9BD+C], Associate AIA